Auction 99 came in place of our October and December auctions.
Bidding has now ended. However, there was a huge wealth of material on offer, and it is still possible to make post-auction purchases of unsold lots. Please send in requests quickly. Statements will be emailed to buyers, but this takes time. The hope is to get purchases packed, shipping costs calculated, payment made and all packets mailed or couriered well before Christmas.

The state of play at the end of this exceptional auction is visible in two tables:
Go to Lots 1-340
Go to Lots 341-685

Although this auction has ended, these tables will (eventually) be updated for post-auction sales. The unsold lots will first be priced at their presale estimates. Only later, after a couple of weeks, will it be possible to make offers or buy individual items from a multiple lot.

A list of unsold lots (including duplicates where available) has been compiled.
See Auction 99 Unsolds (PDF).

Click here on Auction 99 List (PDF) for the listing, presale estimates and instructions specific to this sale. Links to the images are given below:

Lots 1-14        Lots 15-23        Lots 24-31        Lots 32-39        Lots 40-52
Lots 53-61       Lots 62-73      Lots 74-86      Lots 87-92      Lots 93-117
Lots 118-130      Lots 121-139      Lots 140-142      Lots 143-150      Lots 151-158
Lots 159-166      Lots 167-180      Lots 181-198      Lots 199-206      Lots 207-220
Lots 221-233      Lots 234-240      Lots 241-249      Lots 260-253      Lots 254-267
Lots 268-276      Lots 277-285      Lots 265-287      Lots 288-292      Lots 293-298
Lots 299-302      Lots 303-307      Lots 308-312      Lots 313-317      Lots 318-320
Lots 321-341      Lots 342-358      Lots 359-376      Lots 377-386      Lots 387-397
Lots 398-403      Lots 404-411      Lots 412-467      Lots 468-533      Lots 534-609

Below is material engraved by Stephen Gooden. This part was open to non-members.

Lot 610      Lots 611-619      Lots 620-621      Lot 622      Lots 623-628
Lots 629-642      Lots 643-655      Lots 656-666      Lots 667-674      Lots 675-685

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Klaus Rodel circulates a frequent FISAE newsletter (contact him if you wish to receive it) and gave news of this auction in FISAE Newsletter 321.

From the estate of one of our former members have come some books now available for sale rather cheaply. We can reserve any of these, to mail with auction purchases.
Please see CN Book List.

This online Auction 99 is being run by Anthony Pincott (see Contacts page).
Send your bids to him. Or write to him if you have a query.
Non-members should please write to him to register.

Our Auctions Secretary is Peter McGowan, to whom all other auction correspondence should please be sent (address on Contacts page).

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