We focus on British bookplates, but membership is worldwide. Some of our members are bookplate artists, and we maintain a list of designers in the British Isles who are currently willing to accept commissions (see Gallery - Artists). Many of our subscribers are not bookplate collectors at all, but have diverse interests in kindred fields of heraldry, genealogy, biography, bibliography, printing & engraving, and graphic art. They find the range of bookplate design, technique and history to be fascinating.

Anyone can join the Society. You are most welcome. Just fill the form below, print it and send it to us with your cheque for £40 (for members outside the UK the rate is £52 or US$65, or remit €60). We are a UK registered charity, run by volunteers who dedicate their personal time. We therefore ask that members residing in the UK please complete a Gift Aid declaration and pay future subscriptions by standing order.

If you wish, before joining, to receive a sample copy of The Bookplate Journal for £7 (post free in UK) please write to the Society's Hon. Treasurer (details on contacts page).

Membership benefits
The annual subscription entitles members to the following benefits:

1. The Bookplate Journal (ISSN: 0264—3693) commenced in 2003 its 2nd Series in enlarged format. It is now a 72-page journal published in Spring and Autumn each year.

2. The Bookplate Society Newsletter (ISSN: 0309—7935) appears twice a year in Summer and Winter. It gives news of meetings, auction lists, membership changes, sales and wants, and items of interest not covered in the Bookplate Journal. Occasionally there is an extra bonus - our June 2003 Newsletter included an original print of C.W. Sherborn's armorial bookplate for Montagu Knight of Chawton, and with our December 2005 Newsletter we were pleased to be able to distribute originals of J.A.C. Harrison's fine seal armorial for Herbert Walter Plews Harrison. With our June 2008 Newsletter each subscriber received an original bookplates of Sir William Forbes Bart. of Pitsligo, dating from the 1790s and illustrated in Lee and Campbell's Scottish Bookplates.

3. Members Book In the past, subscribers have received a members book every year. For 2002 this was John Blatchly's Bookplates of George Wolfe Plank. In succeeding years this was followed by two books by Brian North Lee: Some Bookplates of Heralds, and Some Bookplates of Church of England Parochial and Cathedral Libraries. For 2005 the subject of our book was Bookplates in the Trophy Style, by Paul Latcham, which provided an interesting view of the ex-libris of military men. We have an ongoing plan to publish studies of the work of artists, and to cover bookplate history by styles, themes and by different areas of the British Isles, such as the book by Sir Ilay Campbell and Brian Lee on Scottish Bookplates, our members' book for 2006 and still available for purchase by non-members. There came a point at which, in order to avoid any increase in the £30 UK subscription, we decided to issue books once every two years, commencing with the book for 2007/8, but this does not preclude the provision of bonus items from time to time. Our 2007/8 book was John Blatchly's East Anglian Ex-Libris, and for 2009/10 we secured copies of Karen Livingstone's The Bookplates and Badges of C.F.A. Voysey, Architect and Designer of the Arts and Crafts Movement. Our latest publication, by Colin Lattimore, was about the bookplate work of Miss C Helard, wife of author and heraldic authority Arthur Fox-Davies. This was sent to members for the two years 2011 and 2012. For the single year 2013, we acquired and distributed to members, the back stock of Brian North Lee's British Royal Bookplates. Another book by Colin Lattimore, on bookplates of British dukes, entitled Strawberry Leaves, is in preparation for issue mid-2016 in respect of the two years 2014 and 2015. Anyone joining or leaving halfway through the two year period pays £10 extra in order to receive the book. Books now in the pipeline are mentioned on the Projects page.

4. Participation in our members auctions which we currently hold in March/April, September and December, with the possibility sometimes of additional online sales. In recent years we have been scanning all auction material so that participants can view this online.
We believe that making bookplates available in this way is an encouragement to their study.

5. Meetings and Exhibitions  Each year the Society holds a bookplate study meeting (when we visit a bookplate collection) and several auctions. There used to be two each year, but since 2007 we have had such a wealth of material offered for sale that we have been able to hold a third auction. Members who cannot attend in person participate keenly by post and email. Of late it has been possible to scan the auction material, making it viewable online - much appreciated by those taking part.

From time to time the Society holds public exhibitions of bookplates, and we try to coordinate this with the publication of our books. Thus our most recent exhibition was held at the College of Arms, London, coinciding with issue of the book on heralds' bookplates mentioned above.

If you would like to join online and pay by credit card through PayPal please click here.
For postal/cheque payments please read below.

Joining the Society
Application Form: If you live in the UK, you can join the Bookplate Society and receive a year's publications and join in our activities for £40 sterling, and is payable by 1st January each year. Members outside the UK pay £52 (or countervalue in dollars or euros), because we need to cover the cost of extra postage. Payment can be made by a cheque drawn on a UK or US account, or online by credit card through PayPal. Either complete the online application form or please download and print the paper application form, fill in your details and then mail the completed form to us, together with your payment. The information in this form will be published in our Newsletter, the Members' Directory and any Directory published by the International Association of Bookplate Societies (FISAE) unless you ask us not to.

Standing order form: The officers of the Society give their time voluntarily, and we ask that all members with UK bank accounts please pay by bank standing order. Please download, print and use the standing order form.

Gift aid: The Bookplate Society is a registered charity (UK Regd. Charity No. 295678), so we ask all UK taxpayers to sign a gift aid declaration, please. This enables us to recover 20p for every 80p of subscription, thus helping to keep subscriptions at the present level. Higher rate taxpayers may recover their higher band tax.

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