This page is for new and existing members outside the UK who wish to pay by PayPal (from their bank account or credit card) rather than sending a cheque for US$75 or mailing €60.
We have to add a little extra in order to cover the PayPal fees but this is far less expensive than a bank transfer.

Please return to the previous page if you wish to pay by
    - personal cheque from your UK or USA bank account;
    - standing order from your UK bank account;
    - bank transfer (all charges paid).

For online payments we use PayPal which links to your bank account or credit card.
Here are the steps to be followed:
    1. Please fill in the form here    (new members only).
    2. Click on the Subscribe button below, which opens the PayPal page.
    3. Register yourself with PayPal (if not already registered).
    4. Then please follow the PayPal instructions for making a payment.

IF YOU LIVE IN THE UK, please do not click on the links below but log into your PayPal account and send your money as a "Family or Friends" payment (without PayPal fees).

IF YOU LIVE OUTSIDE THE UK, you may from some countries now be able to pre-pay the PayPal fees more cheaply by sending a "Family or Friends" payment.

Existing subscribers (who live outside the UK) for 2018
being £52 plus £1.50 = £53.50


New subscribers (if living outside the UK) who are joining for 2018 should please add £24 to the basic annual subscription of £52 in order to catch up the 2016 and 2017 elements of the members book for the three years 2016 to 2018, which we plan to issue with the Autumn 2018 journal, ie £76 plus £2 (to cover PayPal fees) = £78.

We realise this is rather more than the basic annual subscription, but please understand that you will be getting a three-year book that is far larger than than our usual two-year book.
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