Devon binders A number of collectors mount bookplates in Stanley Gibbons "Devon" loose-leaf binders.To our great dismay, Stanley Gibbons has discontinued stocking these.You may be able to find them on eBay, mostly secondhand and in variable condition, but fortunately Phil Hughes has taken the initiative to negotiate with manufacturers and make these peg-fitting albums available again in 2024. They come, as previously, in Blue, Maroon, Green, and Black, brand new, unused and shrink wrapped.
Prices (with free delivery to UK addresses) are as follows:
Album and 50 Leaves £45; add a slipcase for £12 extra.
Album alone £30; Additional Leaves £15 per 50.
For more information and to pre-order please contact

The microfilm (10 reels) of the British Museum's Franks Collection of 36,000 British and American bookplates was in the past (but no longer) available from Mr Felix Moore, Mindata Ltd, Bathwick Hill, BATH BA2 6LA Tel: +44 1225 466447. From a former member we hold one set of this scarce microfilm - please write to the treasurer (see Contact Us page). Other microfilms once produced by Mindata include the Banks Collection of Trade Cards(6,000 images; 19 reels) and the Sir Ambrose Heal Collection of Trade Cards (16,000 images; 27 reels).

Boxwood and lemonwood blocks for engravers are made by Society of Wood Engravers member Chris Daunt, 1 Monkridge Gardens, Dunston, Gateshead NE11 9XE   Tel: +44 (0)191 420 8975 Email: Website:
After several generations of manufacturing engravers' blocks, T N Lawrence & Son Ltd now only sells artists' supplies, from 208 Portland Road, Hove BN3 5QT Tel: +44 1273 260260 Email: Website: (look at the foot of the webpage to links to an interesting history of the firm which for many years had premises in Bleeding Heart Yard, London (near Hatton Garden).

Dealers who issue catalogues or sell exlibris online (mainly of Continental European bookplates) include:

Bert Groeneveld, Gooszenhof 12, 7415CZ Deventer, The Netherlands Tel: +31 6 20964297 Email: Website:

Hans Manche, Soestdijkseweg Zuid 213, NL-3721AC, Bilthoven, The Netherlands Tel: +31-3020900 Email: Website:Hans Manche

Margo Mulholland-WittalFliednerstrasse 27, 65191 Wiesbaden, Germany Tel: +49 611 502907 Email: Website: ebay seller store

Niels Witte, Nürburgstr. 68, D- 53945 Blankenheim, Germany Tel (also Fax): + 49 2449 919654 Email:
We are sad to have lost Claus Wittal of Wiesbaden, who died of cancer on 18.9.2012, aged only 57. His wife Margo continues the business (see above). Another German dealer, Ernst Deeken of Altenlotheim, is also no longer with us.

Some suppliers of standard bookplate designs, on which your name can be printed, are:
    Bookplate Ink, run by Karen Gardner ( Tel: +1.866.483.3830)      also offer printing of custom designs. Most designs were acquired in the 1980s from Antioch.
    Dan DeFrance's
    Colorful Images
    Antioch Publishing   Mass-produced bookplates (unpersonalized) for retail sale, primarily.
     No longer prints bookplates with the customer's name included.


A. Bookplate Societies

    FISAE - the International Federation of Ex-libris Societies
      Details are given here of all the member societies and their websites; also information
      on the 2016 International Ex-Libris Congress at Vologda, an illustrated history of past
      Congresses, plus much other information and many links to bookplate-related websites.
    The American Society of Bookplate Collectors and Designers
    Bookplate Societies and sites as listed in the Cyber Journal of Heraldic Bookplates

B. Some Interesting Web Articles
    Microscopical Bookplates
    Some Literary Bookplates
     (12 pages; the Sheridan plate pictured is not the playwright's)
    Ezekiel Abraham Ezekiel, engraver of Exeter, born 1757 died 1805
    David Steuart, 18th century Lord Provost of Edinburgh and Bibliophile, born 1747 died 1824
    The Renaissance of Copper-Engraved Bookplates in Britain, by B N Lee
    Sir Ilay Campbell's St Andrew Lecture on Scottish Heraldic Bookplates
    Gentlemen and their Bookplates by B N Lee
    Parker Library Corpus Christi Cambridge Bookplate Cataloguing Project
    The WE Baillie Collection of Bookplates, Metropolitan Museum of Art

C. Links to Kindred Societies and Publications
    The Heraldry Society
    The Heraldry Society of Scotland
    City of Bath Heraldic Society
    The Armorial Register
    The Society of Genealogists
    The Private Libraries Association
    Historic Libraries Forum
    The Ephemera Society
    The Ephemera Society of America
    The World of Bookmarks
    The Society of Wood Engravers
    The Edward Johnstone Society (calligraphy)
    Print Quarterly
    Printing Historical Society
    The Bibliographical Society (publishes The Library)
    Imaginative Book Illustration Society
    The Alcuin Society, Canada (for lovers of books, the book arts, fine printing, and reading)
    The Society of Heraldic Arts (see useful list of heraldic artists)

D. Links to Bookplate Society Members' Sites
    Richard Shirley Smith
    The Incline Press
    The Primrose Hill Press Ltd
    Ex Libris Museum
    Miniature Print Exhibition of The Off-Centre Gallery
    JJ Heath-Caldwell's family history site displays bookplates and biographies
    An extensive, illustrated article by Brian J Birch on philatelic bookplates
    Lew Jaffé's blog spot - images and descriptions of exlibris of interest
      and for an interview with Lew Jaffe  click here
    Twelve bookplates by Paul Revere
    JV Arnoso's (= de Bragança's) blog spot - images and descriptions of bookplates of interest
    David Pearson;a's updated list of 17th century book owners
    Book Owners Online
    Jason Burgoin illustrates modern ex-libris by Macpherson and others

E. Sites exhibiting Bookplates
    Tim Powys-Lybbe
    Work by Gordon Macpherson, Niagara Herald Extraordinary
    Graphic designer Ries Hoek's comments on the Nyon Congress
    Huang Wuchangé's blog spot - images, plus text in Chinese
    The Collectors Weekly - deals with antique bookplates and has links to items offered on eBay
    Dr Bernhard Peter of Koblenz illustrates heraldry in British, German, French and other exlibris.
    Peter Harling displays work by designers of heraldic ex-libris

F. Institutional Collections
    American Antiquarian Society
    University of Delaware Library - Rev WA Brewer
       Brewer Index
       Brewer bookplates on screen
    National Library of Scotland - J Henderson Smith
    John Rylands Library - GH Viner (part), Lord De Tabley
    International Exlibris Centre at Sint Niklaas, Belgium - huge holdings, frequent meetings & exhibitions

G. Useful Websites for Bookplate and Biographical Research
     Catalogue of British Museum Franks Bookplate Collection Vol.1 A-G
     Catalogue of British Museum Franks Bookplate Collection - Vol.2 H-R
     Catalogue of British Museum Franks Bookplate Collection - Vol.3 S-Z and heraldic index
     Franks Collection duplicates were sold by Ellis, whose catalogue prices are of interest
     Here are links to viewing online the whole of the Ex Libris Journal:
     v.1-2 1891-1892
     v.3-4 1893-1894
     v.5-6 1895-1896
     v.7-8 1897-1898
     v.9-10 1899-1900
     v.11-12 1901-1902
     INDEX to first 12 volumes (at end of next volume below)
     v.13-14 1903-1904
     v.15-16 1905-1906
     v.17-18 1907-1908

     Here are links to viewing online much of the German Ex Libris Journal, Zeitschrift fur Bucherzeichen, vols.3-16, 1893-1906:
     v.3 1893
     v.4 1894
     v.5 1895
     v.6 1896
     v.7 1897
     v.8 1898
     v.9 1899
     v.10 1900
     v.11 1901
     v.12 1902
     v.13 1903
     v.14 1904
     v.15 1905
     v.16 1906

Sale catalogue of American & foreign bookplates of Dr Henry C. Eno 1916      Artists and Engravers of British and American Book-Plates, by H.W. Fincham, 1897
     Dated Book-Plates, by Walter Hamilton, 1895
     Die deutschen Bücherzeichen (ex-libris): von ihrem Ursprunge bis zur Gegenwart, by Friedrich Warnecke, 1890
     Welsh Bookplates in the Collection of Sir Evan Davies Jones, by H.M. Vaughan, 1920
[There is a supplement, but not yet available online].
     A sketch of the life and work of Charles William Sherborn, painter-etcher, by Charles Davies Sherborn and G H Viner, 1912
     A Descriptive Catalogue of the Bookplates Designed and Etched by George W[illiam] Eve RE (1855-1914)
     Edwin Davis French (1851-1906) A Memorial His Life His Art, by Mary Brainerd French, 1908
     West Indian Bookplates by Vere Langford Oliver, 1914
     Birth Marriages Deaths Registers for England and Wales, 1837-1983 (but not all transcribed yet)
    International Genealogical Index
     Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (For access, enter your UK public library card number)
     National Archives for General Search
     National Archives for PCC Wills in England and Wales up to 1858
     Find a Will in England and Wales 1859 to present
    Foster's Alumni Oxonienses Early Series (1500-1714) Vol.1 A-D
    Foster's Alumni Oxonienses Early Series (1500-1714) Vol.2 E-K
    Foster's Alumni Oxonienses Early Series (1500-1714) Vol.3 L-R
    Foster's Alumni Oxonienses Early Series (1500-1714) Vol.4 S-Z
    Foster's Alumni Oxonienses Later Series (1715-1886) Vol.1 A-D
    Foster's Alumni Oxonienses Later Series (1715-1886) Vol.2 E-K
    Foster's Alumni Oxonienses Later Series (1715-1886) Vol.3 L-R
    Foster's Alumni Oxonienses Later Series (1715-1886) Vol.4 S-Z
    Venn's Alumni Cantabrigienses
     Foster ' s Register of Admissions to Gray 's Inn (1521-1889)
     How to obtain records of admissions to Lincoln ' s Inn
     The Records of the Honourable Society of Lincoln 's Inn (1420-1799) VOLUME 1
     The Records of the Honourable Society of Lincoln 's Inn (1800-1893) VOLUME 2
     The Records of the Honourable Society of Lincoln 's Inn (1894-1956) VOLUME 3
     The Records of the Honourable Society of Lincoln 's Inn (1957-195673) VOLUME 4
     Middle Temple Admissions Database
     Inner Temple Admissions Database
     British Book Trade Index
     Scottish Book Trade Index
     British Armorial Bindings Data, edited by Philip Oldfield
     CERL (Consortium of European Research Libraries) Provenance Queries
     General Armory, 1884, by Sir Bernard Burke
     Ordinary of British Armorials, VOLUME 1, 1874, by Papworth and Morant
     Ordinary of British Armorials, VOLUME 2, 1874, by Papworth and Morant
     The Post Office London Directory, 1843
     List of Catalogues of English Book Sales 1676-1900 now in the British Museum,1915
     The Gazetteer of British Place Names

H. Bookplate Books and Articles Digitized and Available to View Online
     Studio Winter Number, 1898/9, Modern Book-plate Designers, by Gleeson White
     147 Examples, published by William Griggs, 1892
     Book-Plates (2nd Edition), by WJ Hardy FSA, 1897
     English Book-Plates (2nd Edition), by Egerton Castle, 1893
     French Bookplates (2nd Edition) by Walter Hamilton, 1896
     American Bookplates by Charles Dexter Allen, 1894
     German Bookplates by Leiningen Westerburg, 1901
     Ladies Bookplates by Norna Labouchere, 1895
     Frederick Garrison Hall, Etchings, Bookplates, Designs by Elton Wayland Hall, Henry P. Rossiter; Boston Public Library, 1972.
     Edwin Davis French - A Memorial, by Ira Hutchinson Brainerd, 1908.
     Concerning Book-Plates, short essay by Theodore W. Koch, 1915.
     Ex Libris Society - Catalogue of the Sixth Exhibition, 1897
     A Booklet devoted to the Bookplates of Elisha Brown Bird, by Winfred Porter Truesdell, Village Press, New York, 1907.
     Corrections and index to Ex Libris The Art of Bookplates by Martin Hopkinson, British Museum Press, 2011.
     3500 Italian Exlibris, by Jacopo Gelli, 1908.
     Notes on Book-Plates, classic article by John Paul Rylands, 1888.
     Distinguishing the original William Penn bookplate from the 19thC copy, Summer 2014 newsletter.
     Illustration article by Anthony Pincott, 2019.
     ATG article by Anthony Pincott, 2023.

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