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The calculator below has been kept on this page for your information. It was intended to help complicated bookings for a number of people. To make this table work, it is necessary to enter the correct number or zero, without decimals, in each of the 16 boxes in columns 2 and 3. Then click on each of the equals sign buttons, starting at the top. When you click on the last equals sign, a total is generated. Note that in calculating this total the amount of your deposit is deducted (not added). [If "NaN" appears, this means you have not put a number or zero in every box in the two input columns, or you have not clicked on the equals button on every line].

HOWEVER, the period of availability of advantageous group rates for bedrooms, as shown below, has now ended on 9 March 2020. Bedrooms must now be booked direct with the hotel, at about one-third extra. There is no guarantee that rooms will remain available.


In each box put
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 Accommodation Enter £ # nights x Total
 Single room £78
 Twin room £93
 Triple room £116
 Dinner 12 August £16/£15
 Congress Fees Price Number
 Participant £224
 Companion £169
 Table fee £40
 Deposit received?
Total to Pay

In September 2019 your organisers paid £70,000 to the hotel, being monies received for room bookings. At the same time we also paid £4,500 as the non-refundable deposit required for booking the main meeting room.
In the event of cancellation (see below) please do not expect to get an immediate refund. We would have to: (1) get your accommodation money refunded by the hotel; (2) make a deduction from the congress fees in respect of your share of costs and any irrecovereable monies expended; and (3) make refunds in an administratively sensible manner, not haphazardly one by one.

If you have to cancel your booking, make sure you tell us or the hotel at least 30 days before the start of your stay - you will then get your money back (less any bank transfer costs). The hotel will not refund the money if you cancel less than 30 days before the start of your stay - you will have to make a claim under your travel insurance.

The organisers have to hire (at a cost of more than £3,000 per day) the hotel's large meeting room.Your congress fee helps to pay for this, also for drinks on the Wednesday evening, dinner on the evening of Saturday, 15 August 2020 (served, not self-service), audio-visual equipment, mounting the exhibition, running the administration, cost of the Gift Bag, including the book Famous in their Time, printing costs (list of participants, exhibition handlist, and more), publicity, etc etc.

Dinner on Wednesday, 12 August 2020 is in one of the three restaurants (you should have looked at the menus and made your choice in the reservation form). The cost is not included in the congress fee, and is charged at £16 per person (does not include drinks) for the Pavilion and Saracen restaurants, but £15 for the Poppadum restaurant.

If not already paid by 31 July 2019, the congress fees are now rising, month by month, at the rate of £2 from the 1st day of each month, eg at 1 Febuary 2020 the fees had risen by £14, by 1 May 2020 these will have increased by £20 and by 1 August by £26. If you have not yet made plans and completed your booking, we urge you please to do so, now.

The participant congress fee includes £10 contribution to FISAE as funding for its website.

Companions are spouses and other accompanying guests who do not receive a Gift Bag.

For an accompanied child, allow an extra £16/£15 for the Wednesday dinner. Also add £45 to your total (principally for the Saturday dinner, but also for congress administration costs).

The table fee of £40 is for numbered tables in the Galleon Room. The purpose of having numbered tables is so that everyone can find you easily. Dealers may book several tables.

It is planned that 2-hour and 1-day tickets will be available nearer the time of the congress. Prices have not yet been fixed for these.

Room sharing: if you are seeking to share a twin room in order to reduce the overnight cost from £78 to £46.50 then write to the organisers and we shall do our best to match you with someone else hoping to do the same (no promises!).

Do please write to the organisers if you have any question.

We need to receive payment by BANK TRANSFER
Please send this "all charges paid" (this is important) to HSBC Bank plc, 60 Queen Victoria Street, London EC4N 4TR, Account name: THE BOOKPLATE SOCIETY, Sort code 40-11-60, Account number 60091499. International Bank Account Number (IBAN): GB22HBUK40116060091499 Branch Identifier Code (BIC): HBUKGB4194R.

When your payment arrives we'll send you confirmation of the sum held.If we receive more than the exact sum needed, we'll refund any difference to you when you arrive at the congress office. Any small underpayment (less than £10) can be paid when you arrive at the congress.

For participants living in Turkey, China and various other countries PayPal is not available. Participants living in the USA, Greece and elsewhere have reported that bank charges work out much higher than PayPal fees. So if you find that this is the situation, send your remittance by PayPal to The Bookplate Society. Our account name is membersATbookplatesocietyDOTorg (replace AT and DOT by the symbols). However, your payment needs to be free of PayPal fees, and to achieve this EITHER (a) send your remittance as a "family and friends" transfer or (b) add 3% to the transfer value.

Many thanks. We all look forward to a successful and enjoyable event.

© The Bookplate Society 2019