International Exlibris Congress 2020


The rest of this page remains only as a record of what might have been.

The Bookplate Society is organising the 2020 FISAE congress in Central London.

Please read this before you book

This event is planned to run from 10am on Wednesday, 12 August 2020 to 10.30am on Sunday, 16 August 2020, and this page gives some basic booking conditions applicable to all participants. The reason for having to specify such conditions is that arranging this congress involves a significant financial commitment.

In 2018 we asked participants to pay a small deposit of £25 when making an immediate booking. Now in 2019, we ask you to pay in full the balance of congress fees and accommodation by 31 July 2019. This is necessary as a guarantee to the hotel, to ensure we do not lose the booking of rooms and of the congress hall.

Higher accommodation charges will apply after 31 July 2019, and the participation fee will increase month by month.

So this congress requires early booking and payment, both to secure the accommodation and because the congress will probably be oversubscribed. The maximum number of participants will be less than at the 2018 Prague congress.

Registration and Booking Conditions

1. Intending participants should now register by completing the online registration form.
2. Participants who registered for Cambridge should now re-register by completing and submitting Section 2 of the online registration form.
3. Reservations are on a "first come, first reserved" basis, but will be lost if payment is not received within a reasonable period.
4. The deadline for getting the best rates for accommodation at the Royal National Hotel, and for the lowest congress fees, is 31 July 2019.
5. By this date, payments need to have been made by transfer to the congress bank account (without deduction of any bank charges or transfer fees, ie "all charges paid").
6. Monies received in that designated congress bank account will be held separate from other funds of The Bookplate Society.
7. Deposits made previously should be deducted when sending payment for accommodation and the congress fee.
8. If a reservation and payment of the £25 deposit was made in 2016, a participant will receive a 10% reduction in his/her participation fee (but without similar reduction in the smaller fee for any accompanying spouse/friend).
9. For the group booking of accommodation, the hotel requires that The Bookplate Society collects deposits for accommodation then pays these to the hotel in a single sum. In collecting these accommodation deposits from participants on behalf of the hotel, The Bookplate Society acts only as agent. VATable billing is by the hotel at the time when participants stay in the hotel. Any change in the rate of VAT or other taxes is for the account of each participant.
10. The sums payable as congress fees have been set at rates which aim to cover costs. Organisers will work to achieve the best value for money. Added benefits will be provided if numbers and funds permit.
11. A sum of £10 is being included in the congress fees as a contribution towards funding of the FISAE website.
12. A final registration date will be set, probably May/June 2020. After this time, no late bookings will be accepted.
13. Accommodation charges will be refunded if written notice is received 30 or more days prior to the start date from which accommodation has been booked. It is for the participant to ensure that this notice is received. If such notice is received less that 30 days before the first night of booked accommodation, a refund may only be possible if a late registrant can be substituted (the organisers give no guarantee in this respect).
14. In the event of cancellation by written notice received no later than 30 days before the start of the congress, part of the congress fees may be refunded, subject to deduction of a share of costs already paid out or committed (eg non-returnable deposits on hire of congress hall). The organisers would hope, but do not engage themselves, that acceptance of late bookings might enable a greater part of fees and charges to be refunded.
15. In the event of any insurance claim, first recourse must be to the hotel's public liability insurance. The organisers of the FISAE congress will investigate whether any additional insurance may be worthwhile. Neither the hotel not the congress organisers can be responsible for any loss of property or any consequential loss however caused.
16. This congress cannot be loss-making, so the organisers propose to budget for a small surplus, and (as a condition of registration) participants instruct the organisers that any eventual surplus is to be paid 50% to Cancer Research UK and 50% to assist in funding The Bookplate Society's project for developing an online bookplate database. [Logo shown with CRUK's approval].
17. Unlike past congresses, the organisers will publish accounts (unaudited) for the congress.

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