These exlibris were bequeathed to the Society by the late Brian North Lee. The proceeds of their sale will assist our publishing programme. Some plates are available in a reasonable number of original examples, but there are many where very few remain. Masters of letter-design represented here include Will Carter (1912-2001), Eric Gill (1882-1940), Philip Hagreen (1890-19), Michael Renton (1934-2001), and Leo Wyatt (1909-1981). Items may be ordered by email mentioning reference numbers and prices.   Send Email

Position your cursor over an image to see the details relating to it. Prices are shown to one decimal place eg £3.50 appears as "£3.5". (NB: If your browser does not allow you to visualise the comments with the cursor, click on Page in the toolbar, and then Source to see the html code giving the details, or click here. This will give a list of references, image names and prices).

Except where specifically mentioned, the condition of these items is good to excellent.

Minimum order £10. Deduct 5% on any order over £100. Postage is extra and the availability and total cost will be confirmed to you by return email. Items will be sent uninsured at purchaser's risk unless requested otherwise. Members unable to pay by cheque in £ or US $ may pay by credit card through PayPal, but please add 4% to cover PayPal's charges.

These bookplates are primarily for members of the Society, but sale to non-members (who pay 15% extra) will be possible if there are examples remaining. Do please write to enquire.


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