This part of our site is primarily for the benefit of members  and may one day become a password-protected area. We considered making the Directory of Members available online, so that it would be up to date, but many members do not have access to the internet.
A Members Handbook dated January 2016 was sent to members with our Autumn 2015 journal.

Our next members auction is on Saturday, 7 December 2019. Click here for the listing: December 2019 Auction List and Report on September auction (PDF)
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Lots 1-15      Lots 16-24      Lots 25-31      Lots 32-38      Lots 39-47
Lots 48-58      Lots 59-66      Lots 67-77      Lots 78-83      Lots 84-90
Lots 91-97      Lots 98-114      Lots 115-124      Lots 125-129     Lots 130-153
Lots 154-170      Lots 171-179      Lots 180-194    

Remember, when sending bids by email that the Auctions Secretary has changed email address.
Here, still viewable, is the 7 September 2019 Auction List (PDF)
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Lots 1-8      Lots 9-19      Lots 20-30      Lots 31-42      Lots 43-52
Lots 53-61      Lots 62-67      Lots 68-78      Lots 79-91      Lots 92-100
Lots 101-108      Lots 109-114      Lots 115-122      Lots 123-132      Lots 133-135
Lots 136-142      Lots 143-150      Lots 151-158      Lots 159-168      Lots 169-175
Lots 176-193

Our Auctions Secretary is Peter McGowan, to whom all auction correspondence should please be sent (address on Contacts page).

We have opened a webpage giving a list of Wants by members. To get to this, go to the URL box at the top of this page and type Desiderata.htm in place of membersarea.htm

A former member who died tragically in 2004, John Simpson was an assiduous collector not only of books on fishing but also of John Simpson produced his own bookplates. The Society has possibly a few copies available at £6 each post free (UK) early bookplates, especially typographic labels, Early Armorials and Jacobean style bookplates. Results of the auction at Bonhams, New Bond Street on 17 May 2005 are at and were included in the Society's June newsletter. Some 23,000 bookplates sold for £63,000. An offprint of the catalogue was circulated to members, and further copies are available for purchase by non-members Click here. John Simpson produced these two bookplates for himself, and they are discussed in our Autumn 2012 journal. The Society has possibly a few prints still available, at £6 each (post free to UK).

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