This part of our site is primarily for the benefit of members  and may one day become a password-protected area. We considered making the Directory of Members available online, so that it would be up to date, but many members do not have access to the internet.
A Members Handbook dated January 2016 was sent to members with our Autumn 2015 journal.

Auction 93 took place on 17 April 2021. This had again to be run online, based on bids submitted by email, because the Covid-19 pandemic prevented members from gathering at our usual venue. The auction list and images remain available to view (see below).

The auction procedure is that each bidder is assigned a pseudonym so that participants can follow their bidding status online.
Standard bid increments apply, as given in the Auction Rules.
For the first half of the auction lots the start price is the reserve. In most cases this is 75% (rounded up to nearest pound) of the pre-sale estimate.
For lots in the second half a minimum price had been set, as shown in a second table.

DEADLINE FOR FIRST BIDS: was 14.00 hours BST on Saturday, 17 April 2021.
In order to secure an item, bidders were advised to set their bid maximum sufficiently high. We asked participants to avoid last minute bidding, which in Auction 92 resulted in bids being disregarded through failing to arrive in time. However, one hour before the end of Auction 93 a batch of 47 increases arrived from a single bidder. Landing on top of four other emails notifying increases, this caused no small delay in updating the online price tables, to the possible disadvantage of other participants.

NOW VIEWABLE: the LIST OF UNSOLD ITEMS (PDF) available for immediate purchase.

Click on this link to view the April 2021 Auction List (PDF).

The bidding tables below now show prices realised.
As post-auction sales are made, these tables will be updated as quickly as practicable.
TABLE 1 - LOTS 1-240 .
TABLE 2 - LOTS 241-450 .

When viewing these images by computer, you may find it useful to hold down the Control button and at the same time press on the equals button to enlarge, or hyphen button to reduce in size. Alternatively, on a mousepad enlarge by drawing two fingers away from each other.

Lots 1-10      Lots 11-14      Lots 15-20      Lots 21-27      Lots 28-37
Lots 38-47      Lots 48-57      Lots 58-64      Lots 65-68      Lots 69-70
Lots 71-73      Lots 74-81      Lots 82-89      Lots 90-94      Lots 95-99
Lots 100-110      Lots 111-123      Lots 124-130      Lots 131-139      Lots 140-149
Lots 150-154      Lots 155-161      Lots 162-171      Lots 172-180      Lots 181-185
Lots 186-193      Lots 194-202      Lots 203-215      Lots 216-225      Lots 226-240
Lots 241-296      Lots 297-356      Lots 357-397      Lots 398-450

You may still access the December 2020 Auction List (PDF).

Click on these links to view the images:
Lots 1-7      Lots 8-14      Lots 15-24      Lots 25-35      Lots 36-43
Lots 44-53      Lots 54-60      Lots 61-66      Lots 67-77      Lots 78-81
Lots 82-85      Lots 86-95      Lots 96-108      Lots 109-126      Lots 127-134
Lots 135-145      Lots 146-154      Lots 155-163      Lots 164-176      Lots 177-189
Lots 190-204      Lots 205-222      Lots 223-232      Lots 233-269      Lots 270-323
Lots 324-366      Lots 367-420

A list of unsold lots is available but may not be fully up to date for late sales - Click here .

Our Auctions Secretary is Peter McGowan, to whom all auction correspondence should please be sent (address on Contacts page).

We have opened a webpage giving a list of Wants by members. To get to this, go to the URL box at the top of this page and type Desiderata.htm in place of membersarea.htm

A former member who died tragically in 2004, John Simpson was an assiduous collector not only of books on fishing but also of John Simpson produced his own bookplates. The Society has possibly a few copies available at £6 each post free (UK) early bookplates, especially typographic labels, Early Armorials and Jacobean style bookplates. Results of the auction at Bonhams, New Bond Street on 17 May 2005 are at and were included in the Society's June newsletter. Some 23,000 bookplates sold for £63,000. An offprint of the catalogue was circulated to members, and further copies are available for purchase by non-members Click here. John Simpson produced these two bookplates for himself, and they are discussed in our Autumn 2012 journal. The Society has possibly a few prints still available, at £6 each (post free to UK).

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