This part of our site is primarily for the benefit of members  and may one day become a password-protected area. We considered making the Directory of Members available online, so that it would be up to date, but many members do not have access to the internet.
A Members Handbook dated January 2016 was sent to members with our Autumn 2015 journal.


Bidding on Auction 98 ended at midnight on Friday, 21 April 2023. The results are available at Auction 98 RESULTS (PDF), but this table does not show where underbidders have been successful in winning duplicate lots. Unsold lots remain available, as shown in the images below Unsold 1      Unsold 2      Unsold 3      Unsold 4      Unsold 5      Unsold 6
Unsold 7      Unsold 8      Unsold 9      Unsold 10      Unsold 11      Unsold 12
Unsold 13      Unsold 14      Unsold 15      Extras

so send further offers at or above presale estimates or minimum prices. Statements to participants are in preparation.

Click here on Auction 98 List (PDF) for the listing, presale estimates and instructions specific to this sale. Links to the images are given below:

Lots 1-27      Lots 28-49      Lots 50-62      Lots 63-73      Lots 74-78      Lots -79-92
Lots 93-103      Lots 104-113      Lots 114-126      Lots 127-132     Lots 133-137     Lots 138-145
Lots 146-158      Lots 159-177      Lots 178-189      Lots 190-205
Lots 206-223      Lots 224-226      Lots 227-242      Lots 243-256      Lots 257-267
Lots 268-281      Lots 282-305      Lots 306-314      Lots 315-324      Lots 325-340
Lots 341-358      Lots 359-378      Lots 379-393      Lots 394-409      Lots 410-421
Lots 422-439      Lots 440-473      Lots 474-536      Lots 537-586      Lots 587-600

Auction 97 was intended to take place as a meeting in person on 3 December 2022. Travel absences, illness and computer failure all conspired to make this impossible. This auction was therefore retimed to end at 3pm on 21 January 2023.
Provisional results are given at Auction 97 Results (PDF).
Nine sets of images display the items that remain available for sale (please note that there may be a delay in removing images of bookplates that have recently been sold).

Lots 3-42      Lots 43-67      Lots 68-82      Lots 83-144      Lots 145-201      Lots 203-276
Lots 279-290      Lots 501-592      Lots 596-650     

Click here on Auction 97 List (PDF) for the listing and presale estimates. Links to the images are given below:

Lots 1-14      Lots 15-34      Lots 35-46      Lots 47-59      Lots 60-66      Lots 67-74
Lots 75-85      Lots 86-104      Lots 105-122      Lots 123-138     Lots 139-152     Lots 153-165
Lots 166-184      Lots 185-230      Lots 231-253      Lots 254-278
Lots 277-291      Lots 292-300      Lots 501-571      Lots 572-650

Meeting in person on Saturday, 1 October 2022 was made impossible by a train strike, so we ran the auction entirely by post/email.
Click here for Results and Lots remaining available for sale (PDF).
Click here on Auction 96 List (PDF) for the listing and presale estimates. Links to the images are shown below. When viewing these images by computer, you may find it useful to hold down the Control key and at the same time press on the equals key to enlarge. To reduce, hold down the Control key and tap on the hyphen key. On a mousepad enlarge by drawing two fingers away from each other.

Lots 1-9      Lots 10-19      Lots 20-28      Lots 29-37      Lots 38-43      Lots 44-50
Lots 51-59      Lots 60-71      Lots 72-79      Lots 80-105      Lots 106-121
Lots 122-132      Lots 133-144      Lots145-150      Lots 151-156      Lots 157-170
Lots 171-188      Lots 189-208      Lots 209-222      Lot 218
Lots 223-232      Lots 233-259      Lots 260-289      Lots 290-331
Lots 332-375      Lots 376-401

Our Auctions Secretary is Peter McGowan, to whom all auction correspondence should please be sent (address on Contacts page).

We have opened a webpage giving a list of Wants by members. To get to this, go to the URL box at the top of this page and type Desiderata.htm in place of membersarea.htm

A former member who died tragically in 2004, John Simpson was an assiduous collector not only of books on fishing but also of John Simpson produced his own bookplates. The Society has possibly a few copies available at £6 each post free (UK) early bookplates, especially typographic labels, Early Armorials and Jacobean style bookplates. Results of the auction at Bonhams, New Bond Street on 17 May 2005 are at and were included in the Society's June newsletter. Some 23,000 bookplates sold for £63,000. An offprint of the catalogue was circulated to members, and further copies are available for purchase by non-members Click here. John Simpson produced these two bookplates for himself, and they are discussed in our Autumn 2012 journal. From time to time the Society has a few prints available, at £6 each (post free to UK).

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