International Exlibris Congress 2020

The Bookplate Society is hosting the FISAE congress at Cambridge in August 2020

We anticipate that this will be a hugely popular venue for a FISAE congress. Accordingly, we have made a provisional reservation with Churchill College, a modern college with more space and better bedrooms than other colleges (more double bedrooms and most bedrooms having ensuite bath or shower). A new bedroom block, with lifts, has just been completed. There is an excellent lecture theatre, bar and a large dining hall ideal for meeting participants and making exchanges. We looked at other colleges in the heart of Cambridge, but all are smaller. Many have graduate students in residence during the summer, so fewer bedrooms are available, and meeting and dining rooms are in use part of the time.

Churchill College lies 15 minutes walk from the centre, but we believe this disadvantage is outweighed by many benefits, including some parking. Participants will have full opportunity to enjoy their time in historic Cambridge during college tours, when eating out on two or three evenings and when the formal dinner is held in the old dining hall of St John's College seating 300 people.

Please understand that booking a Cambridge college is a serious financial commitment that must be signed up far in advance if a sufficient number of bedrooms is to be reserved. We are in stiff competition with other conferences, so we have no choice about this. We ask for a deposit of £25 when registering. This deposit may be refundable up to the time that payment of the participation fee and accommodation charges become due for payment (see the READ ME page for outline conditions). College prices will be at commercial rates but early registration will help us to get best value for money.

Modern rooms in college with WiFi and tea & coffee-making facilities (but no TV!).
Click on the above image to go to a webpage that lists college rooms in detail.

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