International Exlibris Congress 2020

The Bookplate Society is organising the 2020 FISAE congress at Cambridge.

Terms and Conditions

This event is planned to run from 10am on Wednesday, 12 August 2020 to 10am on Sunday, 16 August 2020, and this page gives some basic booking conditions applicable to all participants. The reason for having to specify such conditions is that arranging this congress involves a significant financial commitment.

We are asking participants to pay a small deposit when making an immediate booking.
Later, in the first half of 2019, we shall request participants to pay the balances due.The exact amounts will not be known until we finalise terms with the host college.However, you may expect that higher accommodation charges and a higher participation fee will apply after June 2019, and after December 2019 there will be still higher rates (!).

So this congress requires early booking and payment, both to secure the accommodation in college and because the congress will probably be oversubscribed. The maximum number of participants will be less than at the 2018 Prague congress.


1. Intending participants should reserve a place as quickly as possible, because reservations will be on a "first come, first reserved" basis.
2. Reservations can be made only by completing the online registration form and immediately paying the deposit without deduction of any bank charges or transfer fees.
3. A deposit of £25 is required for each participant (but not for his/her accompanying spouse/friend).
4. Deposits will be held in a designated bank account, separate from other funds of The Bookplate Society.
5. At the time (not yet decided) that payment of the participation fees and accommodation charges are requested from participants, the deposit will be deducted from the sum due.
6. Prior to that time, deposits will be refunded in case of illness or other good reason for being unable to attend.
7. If a reservation and payment of the £25 deposit was made in 2016, a participant will receive a 10% reduction in his/her participation fee (but without similar reduction in the smaller fee for any accompanying spouse/friend).

Booking conditions

These conditions cannot yet be stated in full. They will appear here once arrangements with the host college have been finalised. Terms will include the following matters:

1. It is preferable for participants to book and pay for accommodation by directly using the host college website. We shall tell you when this webpage is available. However, The Bookplate Society is willing, if necessary, to act as agent on behalf of the host college for the collection of accommodation charges.
2. The amounts of the standard participation fee, the accompanying spouse/friend fee, and the accommodation charges will be confirmed nearer the time. Organisers need to prepare budgets, and they will work to achieve a participation fee that provides best value for money. You may assume that it will be about £200. There will be a sum of £10 added as a contribution to FISAE in order to pay for the cost of the FISAE website.
3. A date will be set for final registration. If there are late bookings after this, an increased participation fee may apply.
4. The deadline date for payment of the participation fee and accommodation charges, as reduced by the deposit paid, will be announced once terms are agreed with the host college. Expect this to be payable at least 6 to 12 months before the congress.
5. Non-payment may result in loss of the reservation and of the deposit.
6. Monies paid may not be refundable if a participant or spouse/friend does not come the congress.
7. In respect of the above points 5 and 6, the organisers will hope to be able, but do not engage themselves, to make a refund of such part of the fee and charges as have either not been incurred or as have been mitigated by the acceptance of participants from the waiting list.
8. There will be various usual provisions concerning insurance, damage, limitation of liability, etc both as regards the organisers and the host college.
9. This congress cannot be loss-making, so the organisers propose to budget for a small surplus, and (as part of the conditions) participants will instruct the organisers that any eventual surplus is to be paid 50% to Cancer Research UK and 50% to assist in funding The Bookplate Society's project for developing an online bookplate database.[Logo shown with CRUK's approval].
10. Unlike past congresses, the organisers will publish accounts (unaudited) for the congress.

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